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Often I have a constant undercurrent in my life that includes a fear of failure, fear of self, and a fear of insignificance. I don‘t share that with many because it is one of the more narcissistic parts of my personality and I keep it locked away.

This quote really resonated with me because I often have to say something to myself, along these lines, just to function within the world. I have to remind myself that I am part of a greater tapestry of human existence and that I have a responsibility to live as example because of that. I am not alone in a vacuum. I am part of something greater than myself. In fact, I have actually been thinking a lot about this in relationship to my artwork.

Is my artwork for selling? Grand applause from an audience? I don‘t think so. I get sucked into the holes of believing that about my work just as much, I suspect, as many other artists. The truth is, my art is not for me, it is for the world. These visions and ideas that permeate my brain need to escape me and be given to the world because, simply, they, just, do. Which all goes back to my rules of life, as I discussed in the beginning of the year Making Comics podcast with Adam Greenfield:

1. Do something you love with your life (because why else are you alive?)

2. Do something you love with others (shared happiness externally validates our happiness)

3. Don‘t hurt people in the process (ideally you might do something to help them)