Welcome To Hipster Picnic!

Welcome to the post-apocalyptic buddy comedy that is Hipster Picnic! I started this journey in 2010 never thinking I would do more that 50 terribly rendered comics about Hawk and Steve and now five years later I am working to complete a trade-paperback. It is exhilarating. 

I am going to need your help to create this book. I am willing to take criticisms, corrections, and even compliments. Hipster Picnic is a comic that has gone through many iterations before getting to the stage you see here before you and I want it to become something that touches you as much as it does me. 

So take a moment to read chapter one, sign-up for the newsletter, and leave a comment. Help in whatever way you can to make sure that this comic moves from digital to print by the fall of 2015. 

If you want to know a little more about the book, check out the about section. 

Happy reading! I am looking forward to connecting with you in the comments section of the comic!