Meet Kevin

In the fall of 2012 my wife’s grandmother passed away. Nana had two dogs that no one in the family wanted/could take – Timmy and Fritz. Me, being a woodland hick from New Hampshire, thought this was a terrible tragedy. (You don’t give people’s dogs away after they die!) So I volunteered to take Timmy.

Taking Timmy was not something I had the ability to do however. At the time I was teaching full time at a high school and I was also starting a business. Basically I was working 15-20 hour days and I had no right to take on a dog. I did anyway. Unfortunately the first couple of months owning the dog really wasn’t fair to Ian (the roommate Steve is based on). Ian had just started working from home, actually asked me not to get the dog, and ended up taking care of him all day long.

(If you read this Ian – I am really sorry.)

Long story short, the Kevin character above is based on Timmy. I figured Hawk wouldn’t bring home a dog though, it was more in his character to bring home a wandering Zombie.


PS – The idea of Kevin is a vague reference to this Bo Burham joke: