I don’t know what is more disturbing – me putting, on display, a very private moment revealing the aftermath of an addiction rattled feeding frenzy or showing one of my comic characters laying on the ground surrounded by human body-parts in a Dahmer-esque edifice. This is definitely one of the most brutal pages I have ever constructed, and I will understand if it makes some of you turn away in disgust.

This is one of the first times that we are able to see the true horror of living as a zombie.

On the nature of addiction… Well, that is a tough subject for me. I go back and forth on the definition of addiction. Maybe I can work it out for myself right now. No matter what the definition that addiction takes, the fallout of it seems pretty universal. It is a lack of control. It is the giving in to impulse over objectivity. It is becoming a zombie (see what I did there?) to your cravings. At its high you are completely filled with life and at its low you can’t remember why you would ever want to live.

I actually wrote this page a little over a week ago. After I realized Hawk needed to get angry in response to his rejection from Girl, I also quickly understood how he would react to anger – he would sooth himself. That is what addiction is right? A self-soothing. Or at least that is how it starts.

I think that maybe the difference between an addiction and a healthy interest is the ability to delineate between enough and too much. In the page above, Hawk is not happy. He is not living comfortably with himself. He is in pain. Whatever led Hawk to where he is now is not healthy.

So, in other words, addiction is the inability to stop at the line that separates enough from too much. Maybe.


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