Job Issues

This was the comic that first engaged “world is for the punchline” principle. Years ago I became enamored with the British space comedy series “Red Dwarf”. Between season 1 and 2 a new character was introduced from seemingly nowhere between the season breaks. I was perplexed by this so I took to the internet and found an interview with the series creator. He stated that basically the character was introduced to heighten the amount of gags in the strip, and he didn’t’t need an explanation for why he was there because it would be funny. He basically was talking about how the humor/gags in the show were priority one and that didn’t leave much room for caring too much about continuity. 

In fact, I have seen this as a sensibility quite a bit in British TV media. For whatever reason the British don’t seem as preoccupied with continuity as Americans do. (Hence James Bond, Doctor Who, and the whole Misfits series – just to name a few). Where as we Americans tend to mount monuments to continuity. 

Well in this strip, “Job Issues”, I had one goal – tell a zombie joke using my characters. So I did that. Does this mean that all zombies in the world of Hipster Picnic have day jobs and maintain themselves amongst humans? I don’t know. Probably not. Maybe. I guess I can use it however I want if the gag is good enough.