Zombie Dr. Seuss

I bought some full body pajamas for myself for the holidays. I have wanted some for a decade, but not enough to act on it. Then I saw some in the window of this store as I was holiday shopping this past season. “9.99 pounds!” the window advert exclaimed. (That’s about $16 American dollars. Don’t get me started on this absurd British exchange rate.) 

So I bought them. And I am wearing them now. 

Downside to the full body PJ’s – they are terribly inconvenient for trips to the bathroom. How did I forget about that from my childhood of wearing these nearly 24 hours a day whenever possible?


PS – This comic was completed for a local comic submission contest at a San Diego newspaper. They wanted stuff which was locally themed. Of the four this is the one I am most proud of. I did not win the contest.