“The Universe’s Way”

This is the first time I have really experimented with this strange type of panel layout, but I am enjoying it. There is something I really love about the first panel. Originally I was going to have the second panel mirror the first, showing Girl sitting on the other side of the car, but as I was composing the page I felt like the mirrored lines of the car would make the panel look funny.

In other news, I am rather nervous and excited about my trip back to San Diego next week. I am a MOOC developer and I am flying in for a week and a half to shoot some footage for a MOOC that will be launching within the next five months. It is a great opportunity and I am really happy to be flying back “home”. I will get to go to Wondercon, have easter with my in-laws, and bask in the southern california sun (for brief moments because I will be working like a mad man!)

I am so very far behind my production schedule for Hipster Picnic. I literally just finished this page in the last hour. So I am going to be a champion and spend the weekend getting the next five pages complete so I don’t miss deadlines while I am traveling. Wish me luck.

As Forrest Gump once said, “That’s all I have to say about that.”

Until next week folks!


Song of the Day:

“Heart Heart” by Withered Hand