“The Lazy Feminist”

Female friends/fans – don’t kill me. This comic is satirical. Well, sort of.

I said some really dumb things when I was growing up. I was raised amongst very strong females. So strong in my own memories that the voices of my mother, my sister, and my grandmother tended to be much much more prevalent than the male ones. Anyone who has met the women in my family knows just how amazing, welcoming, confident, and dominating they are.

As a young boy, growing up in a family of strong females, I had no idea that the world for the most part was flipped to favor women as the minority. As the marginalized. Not knowing of the severe atrocities committed against females over the course of history I tended to, every once and a while, misappropriate feminist platitudes in order to get out of my own responsibilities (aka – I was a manipulative, and lazy, little shit). At this point, I am ashamed at my behavior in using this argument, ever, with real people. It is dumb. I am a supporter in female equality and feminism, and I hope to show more of that with the characters I am developing. (First and foremost I am trying, hard as I can, to figure out how Hipster Picnic can pass the Bechdel test).

This was one of the more time-consuming pages to construct for some reason. In panels 1-3 I did more environmental shots. This is a new apartment that Hawk and Girl are living in. The apartment is based on the place that I first moved into with my wife two years ago. It was a strange little hobbit hole located in the heart of Old Town, SD. I loved it, and I am glad I get to revisit it a bit through the comic series.

While working on this I also was actually a little aware of the topical relevance of a satirical feminist strip, especially after following all the hubbub concerning the lack of feminism in popular comic adaptations lately.

In other news – The site I spent the last 10+ months working on redesigning into a crowdsourcing public resource for comic makers MakingComics.com 3.0 launched this on Wednesday. (Another reason this strip was late) Check it out!


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