Where the comic came from

I started this crazy comic idea about two friends who are zombies in post-apocalyptic San Diego way back in 2010 and now it is 2015! Wow. This has been a journey. I have a brand new story, 80 page, I have written with editorial from Rachel Beck at Storyforge Production coming to you this year that will culminate in a kickstarter campaign to print the Hipster Picnic Graphic Novel.

It took a lot to get my act together, but I like to think that even though it takes a while – at least I do it with style. 

As the graphic states, I have also compiled the first chapter of the comic and the new short “Hawk’s Lecture” which will be available for download, in .CBR and .PDF format, for subscribers. This offer is only good until May 1st of 2014, at which time both stories, as well as a couple more, will be available in the Hipster Picnic store (coming soon!) 

To receive those free downloads simply fill out the subscription form and you will receive an email confirmation with instructions for downloading the comics.

I really hope you enjoy my post-apocalyptic dramedy. If you have any problems at all feel free to email me at py(at)makingcomics.com.