Steve Wasn’t Always A Zombie (Part 2)

You‘ll notice some remnants of the idea that there are “Hipster Zombies” and “Regular Zombies” in this story. When I relaunched, and remastered the series, in the fall of 2013 for Gocomics I knew I wanted to abandon the idea of “Hipster Zombies”. That idea was created back when I viewed HP as a pure satire. The reason the satirical angle was abandoned was that in the process of creating this five page story I saw these two characters come to life. I kept the lines regarding Hipster Zombies here so that the OG magic could still be present in these pages from five years ago. 

This is a lesson for comic creators. Sometimes you need to let the production of the comic tell you what the comic is about rather than assume that it can be completely conceived in the planning process – especially when you are starting out. 

I don’t reject satire in HP completely. I think it is always there, bubbling beneath the surface of this series. I can’t avoid satire any more than George A. Romero. (No – I am not comparing my abilities to Romero, but if someone wanted to compliment me that way I would not be insulted). 

The center of HP is a buddy story with a dash of satire sprinkled in it like the flavor of thyme in a chicken soup. 

Yum. Chicken soup.