“Steve Walks”

For nearly two years this scene had been in my head. Steve, disgusted with Hawk, walking distraught through the dark streets of San Diego at night. I have walked the dark streets of San Diego and it is definitely a different place than the one they advertise to the rest of the world. San Diego can be a bit scary at night. Scary is the feeling of lost friendships, especially when you are first feeling them.

I have always imagined that Steve was the sort of character to get angry as opposed to sad. Sad is a feeling that washes over Steve in brief moments where he loses control. Hawk, being the dopey funny one of the two, tends to know a constant sadness more than Steve. Steve is the one in control. When things in Steve’s world lose control he gets angry. He does feel victimized, but instead of using that for sympathy he uses it for rage.

This is the point in which Hipster Picnic is starting to really deviate from the gag strip. There is no punchline at the end of this page, there is only Steve looking at something. Again, this is a complete break of form. Usually the pages I have generated for this comic have a mini-sense of closure at the end. Not this page.

Song Of The Day:

One of the best songs ever to get airplay. Whereas the beat is happy, the story behind the band is not. This is a very Hipster Picnic kind of song. “Circles” by Soul Coughing.