Oh? You don’t know what that blue and white smart car is in panel 1? Why that is just my actual main source of transportation in the San Diego metropolitan area – the amazing Car2go. It is the future of transportation. I am hoping soon that Google will work with Car2go to make the smart cars driverless. It will be amazing.*

I don’t know if it is cool to make your wife angry, but I do know that while I personally don’t want to make my wife angry – I do want to make emotionally gripping stories. In this case, I was able to draw (pun-intended) from my life and do that.

I almost never fight with my wife (*cough*ahem*), but when I do it does look a little like this. (This may, in fact, be an actual fight we have had). I actually showed this page to Kay before publishing it. I shared it to her over chat and she came storming in the room, rather angrily, demanding to read the pages that followed. She wasn’t angry because I was displaying bits of our life in public, she’s cool with that. She was angry because she went back to the fight, in her head, and she wanted to know how it played out in my writing.

Which is kind of cool. It is really great when you can cause an emotional reaction with your work.

She’s read ahead of you, into the next couple weeks of pages, and she wasn’t happy with how I crafted the culmination of the fight. She said it was flat. I am really glad she did so, because the new drafts look a lot more authentic. Crafting the character of “Girl” has been tough because the comic really isn’t about Hawk and Girl, it is about Steve and Hawk, and I didn’t want her character development to obscure the story I was trying to tell.

At the end of the day, though, it isn’t a good idea to write flat characters. I am still working on fleshing out Girl, but after I talked with my editor and my wife extensively about Girl I am now seeing the character come into more form.


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