Really Is Terrible

Dreaming up different ways for moments to have visual impact as well as emotional is all I am doing these days. It has a toll. This auto-biographical comic is forcing me to relive parts of my life in with far more detail and thoroughness than I would have guessed when starting this comic.

When I am writing Girl’s speech about breaking up with Hawk: Is that the way she would decide to end things? Does this live up to my own experience with being broken-up with?

When Hawk looks dumbfounded as the realization his world is, again, shattering – does his facial expression convey the lightening storm of emotions that are firing like pistons inside of his brain? (That have fired in mine).

Am I accurately showing the journey between sincere disbelief and complete rage? (A journey I have taken far too many times in my own life).

I have been asking myself all of this over the hours I work on this entry. I asked it as I penciled the pages, inked them, water-colored the shadows, colored the pages, lettered, etc. In the end I don’t know if I actually was successful in realizing the emotional weight needed to show here, but I can tell you – the art is done. I am in pain from reading and producing the page. This is the best job I could do and I need to move on.

Is that how art works?

June is slated to be the month of Hipster Picnic, and it is already starting off with a big bang. I have a lot more artwork coming. Some of you may have noticed that I have given up on regular entries and now am shooting towards loose goals. Twice a week, maybe more.

My biggest goal: make this comic awesome.


Song Of The Day:

“Today I became A Realist” by Wax On Radio