Love Is In The Air!

So I was rummaging through through my parent’s attic one night when I was about 21. In the attic I found a giant poster of the Beatles hidden amongst my mother’s stuff. It turns out that she had gotten this poster from a magazine when she was a teenager and always held on to it. I loved it so so much. At the time I was a New England kid going through a major classic rock phase. More than that, the poster really was a kind of cross-generational connection with my Mom.

For my birthday she had it framed and it lasted with me for another seven years. I brought it with me across the country when I moved to San Diego. It hung in my living room, where Ian and I lived, for the four years we were in that house together.

Sadly the poster is gone now. It got destroyed when it fell mysteriously one night at the glass broke. It was fitting though, because it broke right at the time everything was starting to break for me. My life just wasn’t working.

It makes me really happy to see it hanging in Hawk and Steve’s house. Right where it belongs.

The song for this comic is obviously “All You Need Is Love”.


PS – The interesting thing about that photo is that it was taken during the last photoshoot the Beatles ever participated in as the fab four. This is a metaphor. The whole thing. Something is happening here.

I have always considered this photo of the Beatles the last photo of the ‘60’s. A time I was never a part of, but I dreamed about every time I listened to this music. Sometimes I wish I could escape to that magical place in my mind. A place that is a lot like this comic. Both are dreams of something that was, and then they ceased to be. Now I can visit them any time I want through an imprint in time.

Like the photo of the Beatles, who knows how long this will last?