“How Long Has He Been Like This?”

Earlier this week I started answering Jason Brubaker’s question to me:

What makes it worthy of printing as a graphic novel?

Today I want to expand a bit on what I think is different about my book. I am really interested in playing with the reality presented in Hipster Picnic. Throughout the first 60 odd strips we are routinely oriented with a world that presents a couple simple facts:

1) Hawk and Steve are different than other zombies in this world. (See, specifically the “Meet Kevin” storyline.)

2) Hawk and Steve definitely are not seeing the world the way that others are. (See the “Brian” intro.)

The story I have been planning for the past year specifically will deal with these nuances, and will do so in a way that only a comic can. You may have noticed that the comic is being presented in higher definition this week. There are shadows and highlights. There are panels sequenced to convey emotions over humor. This is all intentional.

As we move through this new chapter in the story we are going to see situations where the characters are presented with dramatic situations. Each time they do so, the art will subtly support the emotions needed for that page. When the comic is mean’t to be funny, the panels will be evenly laid out and the colors will be flat. As the comic moves into more dramatic territory the art will become more dynamic to support the emotions and gravity needed for that page.

In a lot of ways this is the kind of comic story I have always wanted to tell. This dialogue between the art and the story is going to play with reality and perspective in a way that only a comic can. That is how I am making this comic worthy of being a comic. In later entries I will work to directly address the need for the comic to be in print form.

For now, thanks for being on board! I have a question, for you, the reader:

1) How do you think the comic is going so far? Does it make sense? What are your questions?

2) What do you think, at this point, the comic is about/?

Song For This Post:

I recently (two days ago) fell in love with the band Haim. Amazing little pop princesses from Socal. Hawk would definitely love this music too. Specifically this song, “The Wire”, speaks to the feeling that Steve is going through in the strip. Enjoy!