“Let’s Go Home”

Have you ever, at any time, been at this place in an argument? The place where things can’t be taken back, but things do need to move forward.

I have sat in this place an awful lot in my life and it is never fun. I am always wondering why/how I get to this place. I know that my anger is not useful in the conversation, but something emotionally raw gets triggered, then all of the sudden I am amped up. It feels righteous and warranted.

But, then, you are sitting back. Things have calmed down and you look at your position. You play back the conversation and then all of the sudden you realize the mistakes that you made. You shouldn’t have yelled at this person, or maybe you should have listened better. It’s done though. The moment before the anger part, the moment where you could have changed the entire course of a conversation is over. Now you are just sitting deep in apologies and regrets for your actions.

How do you get into these situations, and maybe more importantly, how do you get out? How do you reign your anger in? That judgemental voice that suddenly takes over when you feel threatened in some way. How do you stop that before you get into the piece where you just feel remorse?


PS – Oh, did you think I misspelled nurd in that last panel?  Well I didn’t. I was actually implying that Girl may or may not have revealed her geeky reading habits.

Song Of The Day:

“Chewbacca” by Supernova