I’m In Love

I admit it. I’m a Katy Perry fan. Not enough to buy her songs, or invest into knowing much more than that she started as a christian pop star. (In Canada I think?). I absolutely love the song Dark Horse. That music video and song are about as irreverent/absurd as the entirety of this Hipster Picnic process. What would Hawk listen to? Of course its Katy Perry.

Welcome to Chapter 2! This is the bold beginning of a year long process I am about to go through to publish a full Hipster Picnic book! This will be my third book ever printed. The first was my senior year of high school where my mom took me to staples to print the comic I made for my senior project. The second was when we printed our first chapter of American BOOOM! in 2013. That was a while ago. (Not to mention about seven different comic runs I printed while EIC of the Graphic Novel Project).

Over the past year I have been plotting out a couple different projects to see print in the years of 2015/2016. Hipster Picnic is one of them. This first page of chapter 2 marks the beginning of the end of Hipster Picnic. (Which is a weird thing to say after I JUST launched the website two days ago.)

Enjoy, comment, peruse at your leisure.

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