God, vomiting is the WORST feeling ever. Which is kind of odd when you think of how relieved you feel after you have expelled. In a lot of ways you could see vomiting as the inverse of feeding an addiction – where it gets worse before it gets better as opposed to the other way around.

It’s interesting watching Hawk go through all of this self-inflicted torture. Part of me feels like he totally deserves it. He is SUCH a jerk. Another, bigger, part of me feels terrible looking at what he is going through because he is me.

I have been here.

I have gone too far.

I have hurt the people I love.

I have felt that there was nowhere to go.

I feel bad knowing that I will probably end up in this place again, and there doesn’t seem much that can be done about that. At the end of the day you are a person who believes people change or you are a person who believes that change is unlikely as unicorns. Maybe that is the point of this comic for me. Maybe I am just trying to figure out which kind of person I am.


Song Of The Day:

“Paper Scratcher” by Blind Melon