“Home Life”

The list of abysmal excuses I have allowed life to get in the way of my publication schedule:

1) I flew to San Diego for a week and a half (March 31-April 4) to shoot videos at a conference for a new MOOC I am working on about Academic Mindsets.

2) After a fair amount of internal deliberation over the course of the last two years I have decided to pursue school design as a career. The week after I returned home from San Diego I applied for the School Leadership track of the M.e.d. program at the High Tech High Graduate School Of Education. Last week I found out that I was accepted for the year long program where I will be embedded onto a school, shadowing a school direct, for a year. I also received a full fellowship along with a modest living stipend.

3) MakingComics.com Worldwide is set to launch its new site design within the next week. MakingComicsWorldwide.com, the website for the nonprofit I am launched, was released three weeks ago.

4) Last fall I was contacted by The Aberdeen Green School to come to Scotland for a visit. They had participated in the first MOOC I designed, New School Creation, and had since launched their own school.

5) Yesterday I returned from a five day trip to Dublin, Ireland for my wife’s birthday weekend. This is special for me as I am the first in my immediate family to go to Ireland. Being Irish has has always made up a large part of my ancestral heritage, and being there was one of the more amazing experiences of my life. I can’t wait to go back.

The moral of the story: life gets in the way. I am in no way allowing myself to get away with not completing my work. Hipster Picnic will continue to be released. I have a giant list of pages ahead of me for creation and it is my goal, during the month of June to produce a page a day.

Get ready world, here comes Hipster Picnic.


Song Of The Day:

“This Must Be The Place” By The Talking Heads