“Hola Amigo”

The San Diego airport is hallowed ground for me. On so many occasions I have left this city and returned through that portal, and every time I do I feel as if I am being washed of the world and walking back into my home.

I will often, as the opportunity presents itself, offer to pick up people from the airport. I love seeing people and greeting them as they enter the city. The airport in San Diego is centrally located in the heart of the city, actually right on the bay. When entering the plane flies through a mass of buildings overlooking the Gaslamp and Balboa Park. It is scary the first time it happens, but as you get used to it you start to look forward to that flight path as it reminds you that you are back.

I grew up on the east coast where the airport was always more of a trek to a faraway place. Logan is actually a bit of a hike outside of Boston, and that meant it was about an hour and a half drive to home. I have actually found airports to generally inaccessible. This makes the option to pick someone up from the airport much more of a commitment.

Not in San Diego.

No matter where you are in SD the airport is never really more than a quick drive. The layout of the pick-up zone is incredibly conducive to drivers as well. You can zoom into the drop zone and gathering your traveller in a matter of minutes. This means that whenever you get picked up in San Diego, generally speaking, you are very likely to be greeted with a smile. This first impression is what I crave whenever I have been traveling from far-away lands, and it is also the reason I always offer to pick people up when they arrive.

San Diego is the city of pleasant first impressions.

Song Of The Day:

“Pretty Girl From San Diego” by The Avett Brothers