Steve Wasn’t Always A Zombie (Part 1)

In the summer of 2010 I attended the Center For Cartoon Studies Summer Workshop series where I worked for a week to create an original short comic under the tutelage of great instructors like Stephen Bissette, Jason Lutes, & Alex Longstreth.

I made the commitment to do the summer camp as a resolution, at that time, to actualize my childhood dream to become a comic artist. The month prior to the camp was when I actually started Hipster Picnic. Hipster Picnic was originally conceived as a satirical zombie comic set in San Diego. It wasn’t until I started the summer camp that the characters of Hawk and Steve gelled as you see them above.

I will be releasing remastered versions of the original concept pages and graphics when the book is completed. Hipster Picnic now begins with the “Steve Wasn’t Always A Zombie” story because I believe it sets up the characters in the way that they were always meant to be.

Hawk – the bumbling, impulsive, center of the comic who has a complex relationship with himself.

Steve – The voice of rationality with a hint of cynicism.

Enjoy these five pages that started the Hipster Picnic journey!