Fast Zombies

Ahhh – the age old “fast zombie” debate! One of the least interesting things to argue about in zombie fandom. Obviously all zombies are slow. Right? You with me or did I just lose half of my already dwindling audience? 

The funny thing about me talking about zombie fiction on this blog is that, while my comic may not quite show it, I am a very serious zombie fan. I actually do see Hipster Picnic as a piece of serious zombie fiction which I am sure many zombie fans will disagree with. 

Let’s look at the facts:

1) Hawk & Steve have been revealed, at times, as realish looking zombies. This implies that their sense of reality is skewed. 

2) Except for the “Brian/Brains” gag, HP does not violate the rules of zombie fiction according to Max Brooks (who wrote the zombie Bible, no debate needed there). 

3) The setup is confusing, on purpose, I promise there is an ending that will sate the most strict of religious zombie fanatics out there. 

I have actually been very nervous about revealing myself as a serious zombie fanatic in the years since I started Hipster Picnic. Admittedly, when HP started it started as a farce. In the last year (2013-2014) I have been crafting the HP narrative to be a reflection of Zombie fiction. Trust me, it is coming.