Brian’s A Jerk

Going along with the previous comic, here is an example of a great gag that could have potentially added or subtracted from the continuity of the comic. Three years after creating this I have determined, I don’t care. I love the Brian character, but I have no idea how to use him properly. The summer after doing this comic I did a 15 page comic short specifically about Brian with Hawk and Steve as supporting characters. It turned out to be some of the best comic artwork I have ever done but in the end it did not fit with the world that I was creating for Hipster Picnic. That is why Brian’s story isn’t here. Perhaps I will include it in the printed copy of the comic when I do the kickstarter. Maybe not. 

One other big note here is the obvious nod, yet again, to Bill Watterson. Bill, thanks for never telling us if Hobbes was a stuffed animal or a magical tiger.