Awkward Meal

Dinner is not going well for Hawk, Girl, and Steve. I wonder why?

This is the first comic page that has never been released on any other site! I know a lot (some) of you might have been confused as to why Hipster Picnic is on Gocomics and Storyforge productions as well as There is a long story there, which you can piece together if you read the first post on in the series.

The short story is that this new website,, has been put together to act as the central hub of the project as it moves forward to the Kickstarter campaign at the end of this year. Because HP is going to be printed in a book, I am working harder than I ever have on the series to make sure that it has a solid story, higher quality art, and extra help in the editing department from Rachel Beck (Founder of Storyforge Productions).

This is an exciting time for Hipster Picnic and I am super happy to have you on board.

Announcement! (Free stuff giveaway)

The first 20 people to comment on this post, or anywhere else on, will receive a postcard with original Hipster Picnic art like this:


All you have to do is leave a comment. Make sure that you include your email when you register to leave a comment so I can email you later to get your mailing address.

Oh, and make sure you subscribe to the HP newsletter!

Song Of Today:

Since Girl is such a bada$$ the song for today is going to be a titular choice. Fun fact: when I was a kid I always thought that O’Riordan was singing “Donkey” and that the song had something to do with a stubborn mule.

Give “Zombie” by the Cranberries a listen:

See you soon!