Awkward Burger

Hipster Picnic is now on a trajectory. It is changing. How? Well, last spring I received a copy of “Darwin Carmichael Is Going To Hell” by Jenn Jordan and Sophie Goldstein. I was so impressed with how this book unfolded the story within. It started as an obvious gag-a-day strip about Darwin and this weird world where mythology was a part of everyday life. At some point Goldstein and Jordan decided that the gag routine needed to mean more, it had to amount to something, so they created a story that would culminate and end the series, which was ultimately collected into a book.

This was exactly what I needed to read. It gave me complete inspiration with how I needed to move forward with Hipster Picnic, this strange little gag strip I had created in 2010 about two friends who become zombies in post-apocalyptic San Diego. About three strips ago you can start to see the transformation in the characters. A big problem has been introduced that is going to change everything for how Hawk and Steve operate in the world: Hawk has fallen in love and is abandoning Steve.

I am really lucky to have been working on this story with Rachel Beck and Storyforge Productions. Rachel and Storyforge have accepted the challenge of helping me edit and craft this larger story arc. I am really excited for the pages that are coming your way shortly. You are going to start to see explanations to bigger questions that have been raised since the beginning of the series. Questions like:

  • How will Hawk and Steve survive growing up, especially when they are tragically stuck as members of the undead?
  • Why is it that Hawk and Steve see themselves as cartoon characters, knowing that they are zombies?
  • Why do they see the rest of the zombies (like Kevin) as Zombies?
  • How did this world of Hipster Picnic come to be?

I am really investing more time and energy into the comic creation process than ever before to answer a lot of these questions. I want to show you, the reader, a world that fluctuates in scope and power as the characters deal with it. This is their story and they are in charge.

On October 31st this comic will be printed. Whatever it turns out to be, that is the trajectory the comic is on. I am really excited for you to see all that will come between then and now.


PS – I think I am going to add music inspirations to each one of these. (You may have noticed in the last couple updates that I did this).

Today’s song is “I’m A Dude” from the Good Burger movie soundtrack by Less Than Jake featuring Kel Mitchell. It’s a surprisingly good listen: