Hipster Picnic Coverage In San Diego Citybeat!

I was more than ecstatic to receive an email from Kinsee Morlan (Art Director, San Diego Citybeat) a couple weeks back enquiring what I had going on for San Diego Comic-Con International.

“I’m not actually going this year,” I said. “But I will be there in spirit as my team at MakingComics.com leads our first live Gutter Talk Podcast Panel on Saturday during the con.”

“Are you still overseas? Do you want to do a feature with Citybeat?”

“I’m coming back to San Diego, and YES YES YES I will do a featured story with Citybeat!”

Last week we had an hour long interview over Facetime (it was my first time using Facetime) and we discussed everything comic and art related in my life – from My Arm: The Comic, Little Fist, all the way to Making Comics Worldwide and Hipster Picnic. It was a fantastic interview process and I couldn’t be more happy with the resulting piece.

Take a look at the full featured piece below:


The Cover:


Link to the Citybeat blog entry: http://www.sdcitybeat.com/sandiego/hipsterpicnic


More info coming soon!